Ceramic Implants

Ceramic Implants in Santa Clarita

Metal-Free Alternative to Restoring Teeth

At J4 Dental Implant Center, we are proud to be one of the very few practices in our area to offer our patients a holistic approach to implant dentistry. For those that prefer a safer, non-metal alternative to replacing teeth, we provide ceramic implants from our highly experienced staff who will always put your comfort and peace at mind when performing treatments.

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Ceramic Implants GraphicWhat Are Ceramic Implants?

Ceramic implants, also called zirconia implants, are both made from the same tooth-colored ceramic called "zirconium oxide". Zirconia is extremely durable and has widely been used in a multitude of other medical procedures, including ceramic implants. It was first introduced as an alternative to titanium implants, which harbor a number of potential allergic and cosmetic complications.

Ceramic Implants vs. Titanium Implants

Both of these implants are made of bio-compatible material and do well in connecting to the jawbone to offer a stable and stronger foundation for your implant. However, there a few major differences between ceramic and titanium implants, which include:

  • Ceramic implants are non-conductive and resistant to corrosion, so they don't release any ions.
  • Since titanium is metal, it may lead to discoloration in your gums and patients who suffer from thin gums are at a much higher risk. Ceramic implants are tooth-colored so there's no need to worry about them every becoming a grayish, dark color.
  • Ceramic implants have a lower plaque visibility as compared to titanium implants.
  • Ceramic implants produce better blood circulation nearing the gums which results in more sustenance of the tissues.

The Benefits of Ceramic Implants

The ceramic material used in our implants are proven to be just as strong and long-lasting as titanium implants we offer. Besides the permanency, comfort, and overall protection of your jaw bone and health, ceramic implants include the following benefits:Image of a ceramic implant

  • Soft-tissue compatibility - Our ceramic implants can integrate with the gum tissue surrounding the implant for the most perfect and healthy result
  • Hypoallergenic - Ceramic implants are proven to be hypoallergenic and bioinert, which make them the perfect tooth replacement solution for patients with severe sensitivities or for those who prefer to follow more holistic approaches.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing - Our white, non-metal, ceramic implants match the color of your natural tooth so well, people won't even be able to tell you went through a procedure.

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