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Overcoming Your Dental Anxiety

Our patients can be rest assured when they step through the doors of J4 Dental Implant Center. We understand the common fears that revolve around going to the dentist and we want you to be confident that our trusted experts can get you the help you need. No matter how simple or complex your dental implant treatment is, we will make sure to guide you through each step of the process, as well as how to determine which sedation option matches your needs and goals the best.

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If anxiety is preventing you from visiting the dentist, getting important treatment, or finding a solution for missing teeth, we offer sedation dentistry to enable our patients with fears or anxiety get the care they need.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to dental treatments that require any form of sedating or anesthetic modality. Our specialized experts have extensive training and experience in anesthesia administration and emergency management for all sorts of medical, physical, or cognitive situations and phobias. With a comprehensive and individualistic approach, our welcoming staff assesses each of our patients to determine their own level of pain tolerance and figure out whether a mild, moderate, or deep sedation level is necessary.

Patients who normally opt for oral sedation include conditions of the following:

  • Sensitive oral nerves and gag reflex
  • Small mouths that are more prone to soreness
  • Needle or overall dental phobia
  • Lack of movement control
  • Individuals with special needs

Types of Sedation Dentistry Offered at our Santa Clarita Office

Our office is capable of administering a range of sedative and anesthetic procedures such as:

  • Conscious Oral Sedation – Our most popular form of sedation. This is a combination of oral medications patients can take by the mouth to help them relax come time for treatment. During this type of sedation, you will be in and out of sleep and super relaxed. Best of all, patients usually say they don't remember a thing!

  • General Anesthesia – This anesthetic process involves the combination of both inhaled gasses and intravenous medications to render the patient into a deep state of unconsciousness. This option is usually offered for individuals with a high tolerance for other medications, those that may become overly anxious during treatment, or for traumatic dental procedures or any other complex oral surgeries.

  • IV Sedation – The goal of IV sedation is to use as little medication as possible to get the treatment completed. With IV sedation, a constant “drip” is maintained via the intravenous tube.IV sedation is also very safe!

  • Nitrous Oxide – Commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and administered via inhalation through a mask that covers the patient’s nose. This sedation option is not intended to make you unconscious but rather to place you in a more relaxed and comfortable state. The effects of the gas begin to wear off as soon as the mask is removed and should not impair the ability to drive back home.

Contact us online or call our office in Santa Clarita at (661) 464-1223 to book your appointment and ask about sedation dentistry.

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